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Mouth and tooth pain indicators to get a checkup - Dentist

The pain that we usually experience around a tooth, teeth, and jaws is known as tooth pain or a toothache. Tooth pain can be caused for a lot of reasons. This can be due to grinding your teeth, dental cavity, fractured tooth, or wisdom teeth problem. Know that eating and drinking, especially food or drink that is hot or cold can increase your mouth or tooth pain. Moreover, for tooth pain can also be caused by the spasm of the muscle that is used for chewing. In some cases, it is also seen that a lost filling leads to tooth pain. However, the actual reason why a toothache is taking place can only be identified by a dental practitioner.

The seriousness of a toothache can be from mild to severe. As the day proceeds, the severity of the pain may increase during the night. Make sure to visit a dentist if your mouth and tooth pain are severe and persistent. If you have tooth pain for more than one or two days, then do not delay to visit a dentist to get it treated. You may need to go through a treatment known as a root canal when your tooth pain is due to some serious dental conditions.

There are many pain killers out there such as ibuprofen or paracetamol which may decrease the pain or discomfort temporarily. However, it is recommended not to depend on pain killers rather visit a dentist for check-up or treatment.

Sometimes fever or headache coinciding with pain in your mouth can be an indicator of tooth pain and when this happens it is important that you do not delay for treatment. The primary symptom of toothache pain in your mouth itself but it may present itself in many different ways such as sharp, throbbing or constant pain or tooth pain that only takes place when force or pressure is applied.

What causes mouth or tooth pain?

  •   Cavities – One of the most common causes of a toothache is cavities. The build simply causes it. This plaque produces acid by which the outer layer of the tooth breaks down. The acid usually breaks the outer layer and enters in the tooth and damages the pulp within.
  •   Receding Gums – When the gums start to shrink away from the teeth, the softer and more sensitive parts of the tooth gets exposed which eventually causes tooth pain.
  •   Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth develops in people in their late twenties or early twenties. It may emerge from your gums at a point or get stuck when they develop.
  •   Damaged Filling – When damage fillings are exposed or rubbed against nerves in the tooth, it creates occasional or severe pain.

To prevent mouth and tooth pain, it is important to maintain well oral hygiene. Sugary foods and drinks should not be consumed. Not only that but also you have to maintain regular dental check-ups. In this manner, it is possible that you will be able to prevent mouth and tooth pain.


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